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5 Oct 2022

Dialogue and Change: A Learning Event

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Dialogue and Change: Developing an innovative approach to evaluating the impact of public/community involvement in applied health and social care research

A Learning Event

Wednesday 5th October ‘22

11am – 2.30pm

Venue: The Gala Theatre, Durham

This is an in-person learning event around the ARC’s innovative ‘Dialogue and Change’ approach to evaluating the impact of public involvement and community engagement (PICE) in applied health and social care research.

The Dialogue and Change Award is a new quality assurance standard that will provide evidence that research projects are engaging the public/communities in an active dialogue about the design and delivery of their services, or in the case of research, that the research process itself has been the subject of dialogue and improvement.

Find out more about the Dialogue and Change Award.

As an Applied Research Collaboration (ARC), we want to ensure that our PICE activities are impactful and transformational – and that they help to shape the way that research is designed, conducted and implemented.

The Dialogue and Change process and award offers an innovative way to do this. The award is delivered and assessed by Investing in Children – an independent children’s rights organisation based in the North East.

The event will feature three case studies of research projects that have recently achieved the Dialogue and Change Award.


11.00   Welcome & introductions (Professor Eileen Kaner, Director ARC NENC)

11.10   Background to the Dialogue & Change Award (Emma Rogan, Development Manager at Investing in Children & Felicity Shenton, Public Involvement & Community Engagement Manager, ARC NENC)

11.30   3 Case Studies (a selection of projects that have achieved the award and the difference that public contributors have made to the research projects)

12.00   What have we learned? – Presentations from researchers and public contributors


12.15   Round Table Discussions


2.00     What did not work so well? – Presentations from projects that did not achieve the award and discussion about how we can learn from this.

2.10     Impact on research/researchers/public contributors

2.20     Next steps?

2.30     CLOSE

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