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25 Jun 2024

SKIM theme meeting: Exploring the evidence base for building capacity in implementation science and knowledge mobilisation

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Exploring the evidence base for building capacity in implementation science and knowledge mobilisation.

Tuesday 25 June

2pm until 4pm, online

This event will focus on a discussion about the roles and skills needed for implementation in practice, with presentations from two esteemed international speakers: Dr Allison Metz, Professor of the Practice and Director of Implementation Practice at the School of Social Work, University of North Carolina, USA, and Dr Bianca Albers, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care, in the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Both speakers have published extensively on the subject of implementation science, and particularly the role of Implementation Support Practitioners. In their research they have looked at the strategies that these roles use and the skills they need, but also their experiences and the pathways they use to support practice. They have developed a model for mechanisms for implementation support that will guide our discussions in break-out rooms.

While these roles hold significant opportunities for accelerating implementation of interventions and research findings into practice and policy, they also face considerable challenges, particularly in a complex health and care systems, in which they have to navigate a range of organisations and changing contexts, not only selecting and implementing the most suitable implementation strategies, but also drawing on a range of (soft) skills to action and tailor these strategies, founded on trusting relationships with diverse stakeholders. This requires organisational support and leadership to build capacity in implementation support at a strategic level.

Drawing on their expertise, we will explore in group discussions the evidence base on building capacity for implementation science and knowledge mobilisation and discuss how we can use and apply this knowledge to inform the development and support infrastructure for Research Fellows, Practice Fellows, and (upcoming) Knowledge Mobilisation Fellow roles within the ARC NENC.

What can we learn from our Fellows working within the North East and North Cumbria, and how can we support, develop and research these roles going forward in the extension and renewal period of our ARC?

Joins us for a fascinating, rich and challenging discussion with amazing speakers.

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