Charlotte Aynsworth

Dr Charlotte Aynsworth

Mental Health Research Fellow

Dr Charlotte Aynsworth, Mental Health Research Fellow


Charlotte is a Research Clinical Psychologist who has specialised in providing psychological treatments for people with psychosis. Charlotte has a range of experience across the translational research pathway; from theory development to co-ordinating research clinical trials testing novel psychological treatments for psychosis.

Charlotte’s independent research focuses on developing our understanding and treatment for visual hallucinations in psychosis.

Area of work

Charlotte’s remit in the NIHR ARC North East and North Cumbria is to build and develop mental health research capacity and capability in the region, to enhance the mental health of the most underserved populations.

Areas of interest 

  • Development and evaluation of complex interventions
  • Mental Health (in particular psychosis)
  • Mixed methods research
  • Patient and public involvement
  • Knowledge mobilisation and implementation

Recent or relevant publications 

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