Dr Elaine Bidmead

Dr Elaine Bidmead

Senior Research Fellow, Inequalities and Marginalised Communities

Elaine is the University of Cumbria’s NIHR ARC NENC Senior Research Fellow and is attached to the Inequalities and Marginalised Communities theme. Elaine is currently working on scoping health and social inequalities in North Cumbria, and other collaborative projects relating to health and social inequalities in the NENC.


Elaine’s academic background is in sociology and social research. Before joining the ARC NENC, Elaine was a Senior Lecturer in Digital Health and a Research Fellow for the Cumbrian Centre for Health Technologies where she researched digital innovation in healthcare. Prior to that she had undertaken research projects in a variety of sectors (academic, charitable, local government, and museums).

Areas of Interest

Qualitative research in health and social inequality;

Adoption of Digital Innovation in health and care;

Public Involvement and Community Participation (PICE) – particularly in involving and engaging communities and user-groups as partners in the research and development process.