Kate Lavender

ARC Practice Fellow

Kate Lavender – ARC Practice Research Fellow

My background

I work clinically in North Cumbria as Advanced Clinical Physiotherapist in Neurology Out-patients, and joined the ARC as a part-time Research Fellow in June 2022. I am also supported through a tw-year CRN Greenshoot award to work specifically within the regions Parkinson’s disease service and grow the trusts research capacity.

I previously completed an NIHR funded MClin Res at the University of Sheffield (2011-2014) and went on to work as a clinical research therapist at the Sheffield NIHR Clinical Research Facility, where my role involved service development and leadership to embed greater interdisciplinary and cross-setting research within the department.

During this time, I worked within the Neurology and Neurosciences team, as well as the Biomedical Research Centre, leading on projects around novel health tech devices to optimise rehabilitation, ageing and behaviour change, complex intervention development and observational condition prevelance studies.

 Summary of research my project

Working alongside clinical colleagues evaluating the wider Parkinson’s Disease service in a predominantly rural community such as Cumbria, I will be exploring the challenges to delivering care and supporting those living with Parkinson’s Disease specifically within the regions care home settings.

Exploring inequity in access and service provision compared to other community dwelling individuals, through quantitative and co-productive methodologies and with the aim of going on to develop low-cost, low-resource digital and non-digital interventions to address unmet needs.

Areas of research interest

  • Clinical service development
  • Inequalities in rural communities and how to address these
  • Long-term condition management
  • Public involvement
  • Research to directly enhance clinical practice.

ARC themes: Multi-morbidity, ageing and frailty, and Inequalities and Marginalised Communities

Recent or relevant publications 

Reeves M.L, Chotiyarnwong C, Nair K.P.S, Slovak M, Healey T.J, McCarthy A.D, Lavender K, Patterson L, Strachan, L, Ali A.N, Baster K (2020).  Caregiver Delivered Sensory Electrical Stimulation for Post Stroke Upper Limb Spasticity:  A Single Blind Crossover Randomised Feasibility Study.  Health and Technology 10:1265-1274

Get in touch

Email:  [email protected]

Twitter @KateLavender81

ORCID ID:  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3996-3464