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Lydia Pell

Host university: University of Cumbria

PhD research project: Can creative and embodied psychological interventions with North Cumbrian dads improve family wellbeing? (CREATING DADS).

Project summary: Theory suggests the father has an important role in the biological, psychological, and social development of the child and that this relationship is bi-directional. The influence of the father also relates to the mental health of the mother. Thus, the mental health of the father is important for a cohesive, happy home. In England, men are less likely to seek treatment for mental ill health and in North Cumbria rates of male suicide are higher than UK average.

Left untreated, mental ill health and trauma can have intergenerational impacts, continuing to negatively affect families and child health. Creative embodied therapies have positive outcomes for people with trauma, however little research on this approach with fathers exists.

My PhD uses a mixed methods arts-based research methodology, and involves a systematic review, survey and delivery of a 12-week Art Therapy intervention with fathers. I am currently in my second year which involves recruiting participants and delivering the intervention.

My background and research interests: I am a HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist

Expected PhD completion date: October 2023

Contact: [email protected]