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Toolkit for increasing participation of BAME groups in health and social care research

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This resource was developed in 2018 by the NIHR with a number of partners who are acknowledged on pg. 48 of the toolkit.

Black and Asian minority ethnic (BAME) groups make up about 13% of the population of the United Kingdom and are forecast to increase significantly in the coming decades. This Toolkit aims to capture such best practice and provide researchers with a framework on how to improve the participation of BAME groups in research.

It includes:

  • Section 1: Consideration of the communities your research needs to involve
  • Section 2: Undertaking effective patient and public participation in research
  • Section 3: Conducting effective recruitment in BAME communities
  • Section 4: Ensuring cultural competency in your research
  • Section 5: Providing effective feedback to research participants
  • Section 6: Recognising the recruitment in BAME populations – preparing a grant application