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RIPEN Network North East Academic Research Forum – April 2024 meeting

Event: Wednesday, 3 April 2024, 1pm until 2 pm

Speaker: Lucy Robinson


Title: Exploring the end of life care preferences of older people living with frailty

Bio: Lucy Robinson is a Palliative Medicine trainee currently undertaking a PhD with Newcastle University. She is exploring how the health and social care preferences of older people living with frailty evolve over time.

Overview: In her presentation Lucy will focus on the findings of a longitudinal qualitative interview study exploring how older people living with frailty conceptualise end of life care preferences. She will discuss how time and intervening events impacted on people’s preferences during the study and what this means for advance care planning in this population.

Register here or email [email protected]

RIPEN (Research In Palliative and End of life care NE) is a group of clinicians and academics from across the region who aim to bring together different people and organisations from a wide range of backgrounds, to grow palliative and end-of-life care research in an area where patients and families are most likely to benefit. If you are interested in this area of research please go to the RIPEN Network for more information.