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RIPEN Network North East Academic Research Forum – November 2023 meeting

Event: Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 1pm until – 2 pm

Speaker: Melanie Waghorn


Title: CHELsea II-  A Cluster Randomised Trial of Clinically-Assisted  Hydration in Patients in the Last Days of Life


Overview: The aim of the CHELsea II trial is to assess whether giving patients in the last days of life fluids via a drip (“clinically-assisted hydration”, CAH) is effective at preventing them from developing delirium (“terminal agitation”).

This problem often occurs at end-of-life, and causes distress to patients (e.g. confusion, restlessness), families, and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, it often means that the patient requires sedating in the last days of life.

We will also explore if CAH affects other end-of-life problems (e.g. noisy breathing, shortness of breath), causes any side effects, and affects length of survival

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