Anne Aboaja

Mental Health Research Fellow

Background /personal summary 

I am a consultant forensic psychiatrist working in a low secure mental health service with Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust. My research benefits and is inspired and shaped by the local population who use and work in the service. Patient and public involvement is a strong cross-cutting theme in my research.

Before moving to the North East, I completed a PhD in global health in Edinburgh where I studied the mental health and spirituality of women in a South American prison. I have also worked as commissioning clinical director for the North East and North Cumbria adult secure provider collaborative.

In my hospital, I am passionate about nurturing research champions and encouraging colleagues from all disciplines to be involved in research. I lead the Forensic Sleep Research Group which brings together patients, local clinicians and academics from York and Imperial.


Summary of research project 

I have worked with colleagues to undertake a scoping review of sleep interventions used in mental health inpatient settings. They have developed a research proposal to improve sleep in hospital.


Areas of interest 

  • Patient and public involvement and engagement with research
  • Sleep in hospital
  • Forensic mental health
  • Global mental health
  • Scoping reviews


Recent or relevant publications

Aboaja, A. M., Dewa, L. H., Perry, A. E., Carey, J. F., Steele, R., Abdelsamie, A., … & Cairney, S. A. (2023). Sleep interventions for adults admitted to psychiatric inpatient settings: a systematic scoping review. medRxiv, 2023-03.

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