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Fiona Duncan

Mental Health Research Fellow


I am a Research Fellow at Newcastle University.  I have an academic background in psychology, specialising in sport and exercise psychology.  I completed my PhD at Edinburgh University which investigated fatigue after stroke and its associations with mood, physical activity and physical fitness.

Before coming to Newcastle, I worked at Durham University in the department of Sport and Exercise Sciences where I worked on several projects as part of the NIHR SPHR Public Mental Health programme.  These projects focused on how community assets can be used to improve and support public mental health, especially in disadvantaged populations.

I have also previously worked at the Scottish Government where I was involved with health policy development as well as ministerial correspondence and ministerial briefings.

Summary of research project

I am currently co-PI on a project funded by the NIHR SPHR (£249,946) which aims to investigate how digital services within community organisations can support public mental health outcomes such as social isolation and loneliness.

I am also co-applicant on another SPHR grant (£349,274) which aims to investigate how the community asset of informal volunteering can be better harnessed to support public mental health.

Areas of interest 

  • Public Mental Health in adults
  • Physical activity and mental wellbeing
  • Blue spaces and mental wellbeing (Wild swimming, Surf therapy)
  • Digital exclusion and social isolation and loneliness
  • Quantitative and Qualitative research
  • Realist evaluation methodology


Recent or relevant publications 

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