Florence Watson

ARC Mental Health Fellow


I have worked across a range of mental health services across the North East for the past five years. My experience extends across NHS and private healthcare settings, where I have worked as an activities coordinator, healthcare assistant, research assistant, assistant psychologist and a trainee clinical psychologist.

I am passionate about research and evidence informed practise and am looking  to develop as a clinical academic through robust and innovative research. I am confident in research delivery and am enthusiastic about working alongside service users and the public. I am open to collaborations and opportunities as an early career researcher.

Summary of research project 

Working across several projects:

  • Evaluation of NHS-funded tobacco dependence services
  • Implementation of mental HEAlth uRgent and emergency care interventions for frequent service use: An evaluation study (HEAR)
  • Identifying the barriers and facilitators for people with severe mental illness and/or learning disabilities for Person Centred Cancer Screening services (PECCS): Full study Protocol
  • Service evaluation of a research champion programme within a forensic psychiatric inpatient setting
  • Sleep intervention work for adults admitted to psychiatric inpatient settings
  • Virtual reality for visual hallucinations in psychosis

Areas of interest 

  • Mental health
  • Psychosis
  • Forensics
  • Inequalities
  • Prevention

Recent or relevant publications 

Dudley, R., Watson, F., O’Grady, L., Aynsworth, C., Dodgson, G., Common, S., … & Fernyhough, C. (2023). Prevalence and nature of multi-sensory and multi-modal hallucinations in people with first episode psychosis. Psychiatry Research319, 114988.

Dudley, R., Dodgson, G., Common, S., O’Grady, L., Watson, F., Gibbs, C., … & Aynsworth, C. (2022). Managing Unusual Sensory Experiences in People with First-Episode Psychosis (MUSE FEP): a study protocol for a single-blind parallel-group randomised controlled feasibility trial. BMJ open12(5), e061827.

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ORCID ID: 0009-0000-5468-432X