James Faraday

James Faraday


I am a Speech and Language Therapist and a Clinical Educator supporting Newcastle’s Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals to become more active in research. I was delighted to be awarded an ARC Dementia Fellowship in April 2023.

Through my clinical work I became interested in the way that people with dementia experience mealtimes. From spending time in care homes, I learned that care home staff were doing a very important and challenging job, and I wondered if there was more we could do to support them – for instance, by providing better training. So I chose research as a way to address this.


Project Summary

I have developed a training programme to help care home staff support people with dementia at mealtimes. The training programme is based on relevant evidence and was co-developed with experts by experience. During my ARC Dementia Fellowship, I will test the training programme in local care homes, to check that it is acceptable and practicable. I will deliver the training in several care homes, assess its impact on staff, and explore staff’s views on the format of the training, so that we can ensure it is fit for purpose.


Areas of interest 

  • Dementia care
  • Care homes
  • Mealtime care
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Involving care home residents and staff in research



  • Faraday, J., Abley, C., Beyer, F., Exley, C., Moynihan, P., & Patterson, J. M. (2021). How do we provide good mealtime care for people with dementia living in care homes? A systematic review of carer–resident interactions. Dementia20(8), 3006-3031.
  • Faraday, J., Abley, C., Exley, C., & Patterson, J. (2021). Factors Influencing Mealtime Care for People with Dementia Living in Care Homes: An Ethnographic Study, Age and Ageing, Volume 50, Issue Supplement_1, i7–i11.
  • Faraday, J., Abley, C., Exley, C., & Patterson, J. (2021). Improving mealtime care for people with dementia: A training intervention for care home staff. Alzheimer’s & Dementia17, e051104.


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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9214-2185