Sarah Wigham

Theme: Mental Health

My background

I am a Senior Research Fellow at Newcastle University. I have an academic background in psychology and I completed Occupational Therapy clinical training at Salford University. I completed a PhD at Lancaster University and this work was located in a specialist autism and learning disability mental health service in the North East. Prior to my PhD I worked clinically as an occupational therapist in a multi-disciplinary team in adult community and acute inpatient mental health in the North West. Since completing my PhD I have worked at Newcastle University on a number of research studies focussing on autism and learning disabilities.

I am a member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

My areas of work

My work focuses on psychological trauma and the effects of cumulative adverse life events. I am interested in how the effects of traumatic life events are conceptualised and how the effects might be measured; this can inform the development of outcome measures which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions for trauma-related mental health conditions. My current work focuses on autism and learning disabilities.

Areas of interest

  • Complex Trauma
  • Stigma
  • Outcome measures
  • Autism and learning disability
  • Effects of adverse life events

Recent publications

Wigham, S., McKinnon, I., Reid, K., Milton, D., Lingam, R., & Rodgers, J. (2021). Questionnaires used in complex trauma intervention evaluations and consideration of their utility for autistic adults with mild intellectual disability: A systematic review. Research in Developmental Disabilities117, 104039.

Wigham, S., Hatton, C., & Taylor, J. L. (2021). Short report and initial evaluation of the factor structure of the Lancaster and Northgate Trauma Scales (LANTS). Research in Developmental Disabilities112, 103914.

Wigham, S. (2022). Commentary on “Brief report on six clinical cases of trauma in families who have children and adults who have a learning disability and/or are autistic”. Tizard Learning Disability Review, (ahead-of-print).

Wigham, S., Ingham, B., Le Couteur, A., Wilson, C., Ensum, I., & Parr, J. R. (2022). A survey of autistic adults, relatives and clinical teams in the United Kingdom: and Delphi process consensus statements on optimal autism diagnostic assessment for adults. Autism, 13623613211073020.

Wigham, S., Ingham, B., Le Couteur, A., Wilson, C., Ensum, I., & Parr, J. R. (2022). Consensus statements on optimal adult post-autism diagnosis support and services: Delphi process following a UK survey of autistic adults, relatives and clinicians. Autism, 13623613221097502.

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